Liftsafe Fall Protection presents an all-new AIRCRAFT Maintenance ACCESS/Engine Access Stand

Company Liftsafe Fall Protection
Date 29.09.2017

The evolution of the Engine Access Stand has resulted in an improved design and an all-new AIRCRAFT Maintenance ACCESS/Engine Access Stand. The stand will be shown for the first time at Inter-Airport Europe 2017.

The aircraft maintenance access stand and the engine access stands DF071554-07-08 & DF071554-07-10 share the same framework design. The -08 has 8 steps on the base unit, while the -10 has 10 steps. The -08 is perfect for the under and over cowling requirements of the B767, B787 and B747 inboard engines, with a lighter configuration, bringing up safety and bringing down costs. The -10 is created specifically for the A350 and the B777. As with all our stands, we use steps rather than narrow ladder rungs. This ensures comfort when using the stands to change LRU’S, adjust components or connect/disconnect engines and nacelles. Functionality improves with a lighter design, smaller footprint and greater geometry. Currently in use at multiple operators, MRO’S and aircraft manufacturers, these units have flexibility for use on all Boeing wide body aircraft as well as the B757. The dynamic designs also allow for full use on Airbus wide body aircraft as well as the A320 family.

The stands facilitate safe and assured access to nose cowls, fan cowls and pylon disconnect zones on PW, GE and RR engines, providing a safe working solution to many of the traditionally difficult under-cowling maintenance locations.

The unit is also designed to safely access the same points outside of cowling, specifically forward and aft pylon service points, as well as hard to reach refuel panels and under- wing areas.

The new hydraulic pump is FOUR TIMES more efficient, making adjustments much quicker. Height adjustment together with angle adjustments allow for the demands of diverse angle and height change frequently required when servicing aircraft. The units contain extensive aluminum construction for easy movement and corrosion-resistant powder coat finish for longevity.

These stands implement a variety of safety features for maintenance workers as well as for the aircraft itself. ATACS bumper pads as well as Rubber D bumper pads on the aircraft interface surfaces protect the aircraft while in use. The products contain anti-fatigue and anti-slip ladder steps as well as failsafe hydraulic cylinder locks for height and pitch, ensuring worker safety during use. All castors contain both brake and swivel locks. The Aircraft Maintenance/engine access stands have several fall-resistant anchor points on the upper ladder and detachable curved top section. The stand is designed and tested in accordance with ANSI-ASC A14.7 and BS EN 131.7 including CE Certification.

Optional Accessories Include:

  • Access Stand Harness and Lanyards
  • Tow Bars
  • Forklift Tunnels
  • Jacks


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