Lightning Warning on Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Substations

Meteorological expert Biral has worked closely with Netherlands-based Observator Instruments, one of the world’s leading offshore wind farm operators, to install and test the BTD-350 lightning warning system in the challenging environment of the North Sea.

The specially developed BTD-350 marine sensor can detect the presence of a developing overhead thunderstorm as well as reporting the actual location of any resulting lightning, out to a range of 83 km. The unique quasi-electrostatic operating principle results in a very low false alarm rate and the ability to warn of the risk of overhead lightning, even before the lightning has started.

This allows any staff at the site to have appropriate warnings for both the threat of lightning starting in their area as well as monitoring more distant storms as they approach their location.

In both cases, safe working practices can be maintained, and staff can be altered prior to the onset of any lighting activity in their location.

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* Photo courtesy of Observator Instruments


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