Long-Range RFID Systems for Airports

Company TagMaster AB
Date 31.08.2011

TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced long-range and high-performance identification systems based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) solutions inform today that their partner Generale Sistemi has announced the Vehicle Access Control installation for the Italian court in central Italy as a recent addition to its customer base of successful installations. The installation ensures a high level of security and reliability using an integrated combination of long range RFID identification and OCR cameras for the access control of vehicles.

To be able to handle access control for visitors and other vehicles not equipped with an RFID tag an integrated OCR camera is used. The camera is an integrated part of the Total Gate Control system developed and supplied by Generale Sistemi using a TCP/IP based solution with a built in database. The Total Gate Control (TGC) system uses a built in database for administration of access control parameters such as scheduling and access rights. The database contains both the Id-tag numbers as well as the number plates. The access gate is controlled by the TGC system and forms in this way a complete high security access control solution.

Pictures taken by the OCR camera of cars not equipped with RFID tag are used to identify vehicles given temporary access acceptance. Pictures are also taken of vehicles trying to access without permission. All pictures are stored in a database for security reasons. In this way a high level of security has been obtained in this vehicle access control installation and a level of flexibility to handling different categories of vehicles and different categories of users with different access permissions.

“This installation solved many problems for the customer. This was made possible using Total Gate Control system built on the powerful TagMaster reader platform open for development and integration with other devices and technologies to build up a winning solution”, says Adolfo Deltodesco CEO at Generale Sistemi.

About TagMaster
TagMaster is a Swedish technology company founded 1994 with headquarters in Kista (Stockholm), Sweden. TagMaster designs and markets advanced long-range radio frequency identification (RFID) systems and information services associated with automatic vehicle identification, rail bound transportation, asset management and people access, in order to increase efficiency, security, convenience and to decrease environmental impact. TagMaster exports mainly to Europe, Asia and North America via a global network of partners, systems integrators and distributors. TagMaster shares are traded on First North in Stockholm, Sweden. TagMaster’s certified Adviser is Remium AB.


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