Mallaghan Engineering Ltd - Abby’s Catering take delivery of their Catering Trucks

Company Mallaghan Engineering Limited
Date 28.06.2016


“Having taken delivery of their first ever Catering Trucks, Mallaghan is delighted to announce our support for our very valued client Abby’s Catering and wish them every success for their new venture within the commercial airline-catering sector.  This will be a highly successful venture for a well-established company such as Abby’s Catering who have been providing an array of professional and experienced catering services to small firms and Fortune 500 companies for over 36 years now.  A company that has grown organically and understands the need to expand and adapt its capabilities to provide the airline sector with an exceptional level of catering services.”


Mallaghan Engineering Ltd
69 Coalisland Road
Co. Tyrone
United Kingdom
  • +44 2887 723 444
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