Managed Services for Farnborough Airport Ltd - Case Study

Company DV&D Group ltd
Date 31.01.2022

Project type : Managed Services

Industry/Sector : Commercial and industrial

Type : Airport

DV&D Group have for the last 14 years had a close working relationship with Farnborough Airport and over this period of time have been instrumental in assisting in the growth of their communications and data network infrastructure.

The original Mitel SX2000 solution we installed in 1999 has been upscaled with the latest Mitel 3300 VOIP network system.

With this we have better utilised their communication services as where there were two Mitel SX2000 systems located in the same communications room we input new individual Mitel controllers located at various locations throughout the site, these are connected via fibre links and to build resilience into the communications network there are two separate incoming fixed links containing the SIP trunks and these two links come from two separate locations and exchanges, these are aggregated together working as one. So, should one exchange (Fixed Link) fail the 2nd link from the other location will take over and the client will see no difference in their communications. This additionally then allows the first link to be repaired whilst not affecting the workings of the Airport.

Due to existing BT infrastructure, Farnborough Airport have had various problems with the speed of transmission and the amount of bandwidth available for normal broadband internet services. However, due to having a comprehensive fibre networking between their buildings we were able introduce two incoming fixed 400 meg Ethernet links, coupled together with new Draytek routers we have been able to offer individual bandwidth to companies on site from 5 Mbs to 200 Mbs. This allows the additional companies to enter short term contracts with no penalties and added to this the speed of transmission is synchronous which means the upload speed is the same as the download speed giving faster and more reliable bandwidth.

DV&D Group Ltd are also involved contractually with the support of the data network infrastructure both soft and hardware and are assisting in their future expansion.


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