Marking the runways and taxiways at Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan

Company Borum A/S
Date 27.11.2017

In 2016 Borum received a request to participate in a tender for an Airport Line Marking Machine through HAL Engineering and Trading Company of Amman, Jordan. Fulfilling the demands of the customer, Airport International Group (AIG), HAL Engineering together with Borum turned out as the winner of the tender. In 2017 the machine was prepared for delivery and a technician was sent from Borum to Jordan to assist with the start-up.

Machine specifications

The requirements were for the machine to be equipped with three separate material tanks to hold three different colors in order to apply two different colors at the same time – Two big 450 L paint tanks for the runway marking, and one tank 225 L for the taxiway marking. The machine should be equipped high capacity pumps, suitable for high-pressure spraying method (airless) and low–pressure spraying method (air spray), 4 paint guns and glass beads guns for 90cm wide airfield markings (specifically for the runway), and additional paint guns for yellow and black for the taxiways.

Start-up and training for optimal machine performance

Local start-up of the machine as well as training of the operators was included in the tender. A technician was sent from Borum to Jordan to take care of this together with HAL Engineering. The training went very well, the customer was able to fully understand and operate the machine and computer within the 5 days of training.
The customer was very happy with the training and the performance of the machine. In particular, because this is a complicated machine with 4 airless guns, 3 air guns, 2 air knifes, 3 bead guns able to deploy 2 different types of beads and a solvent cleaning tank. The customer appreciated the fact that the trainer kept repeating the operating functions and maintenance requirements until the operators were familiar with the machine.

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(Top Image – Line marking tests made during machine start-up and training)


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