Marseille-Provence Airport relies on Alstef | B2A Technology for Terminal 1 baggage handling system redesign

Company Alstef Group
Date 02.10.2019

With a 4.3% increase in passenger traffic in 2018, Marseille- Provence Airport continues to carry out its investment plan to support its growth and welcome the 11 million passengers expected in 2025.

Terminal 1 will therefore be reorganized around a «core terminal» that will connect Halls 1, 2, 3 and 4 and will centralize all operational functions. Marseille-Provence Airport has chosen Alstef | B2A Technology to redesign its baggage handling system. The core of the system is fully redundant and will comprise 2 cross belt sorters, each of 650 meters long, with a total sorting capacity of 12,000 baggage per hour, to connect the various functional areas, ensure the security function, the storage of baggage in advance and the automatic sorting by flight.

Hold baggage control will be performed by standard 3 screening machines.
A single check-in area with 82 banks will facilitate traffic flow and reduce operating costs. Baggage will be delivered via 6 arrival carousels.

This new system will be controlled by BAGWare® software suite developed by Alstef | B2A Technology, with a particular attention paid to the information systems security.

After a preparatory work phase in 2020, the new equipment installation will be carried out gradually so as not to disrupt the airport’s operations. Reception is scheduled for 2023.


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