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Company Toyota Material Handling Europe
Date 04.06.2013
Discover the New Toyota Traigo 80 – more productive, safer and more energy efficient than ever

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) launches the brand new Toyota Traigo 80-volt electric forklift today, with load capacities ranging from 2.0 tons up to 3.5 tons.

The Toyota Traigo 80, the result of an intense and continuous collaboration between Toyota and its customers, sets a new standard for forklift productivity, reliability, stability, safety, operating time and overall cost efficiency. The Toyota Traigo 80 comes with a wide range of chassis, masts and options to fit individual customer needs and completes the Traigo range of electric counterbalanced forklifts, all equipped with the unique Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and AC motors as a standard.

Range line-up

The new Toyota Traigo 80 features a range of qualities to optimise driver comfort and increase performance both indoors and outdoors, no matter the weather conditions.

Six models will initially be available from 2.0-3.5 ton capacities, including the 2 ton, 2.5 ton compact, 2.5 ton, 3.0 ton compact, 3.0 ton and 3.5 ton. Each model features the innovative Toyota AC electric drive-and-lift technology and is suitable for long, intensive operations. Robust, compact and versatile, these forklifts meet the needs of the occasional user as well as those of forklift fleets, and come with a range of different cabins. 

Class-leading productivity
The Toyota Traigo 80 delivers major improvements in areas such as travel speed, acceleration, lifting speed and truck compactness. The maintenance-free Toyota AC motors coupled with the latest generation of controllers make it possible to increase vertical and horizontal speed by up to 20%. The Toyota Traigo 80 has been designed to facilitate higher productivity and efficiency to support its customers.

Safety features with all-round visibility and Toyota SAS
With Toyota, safety comes first. The Toyota Traigo 80 benefits from world-leading features and technologies to protect both driver and goods, including the unique Toyota SAS. This is an exclusive technology designed to actively enhance forklift stability and safety.

Maximising visibility is one of the most important means in increasing passive safety and minimising accidents. The Toyota Traigo 80 provides all-round visibility and offers a wide range of masts and lift heights.

20% increased energy efficiency
The new Traigo 80 has a compact mast design, new hydraulic layout and improved controllers, resulting in up to 20% more energy efficiency than its predecessor. This means 20% longer operational time between battery recharge and exchange.

The new trucks also offer a range of battery capacities of up to 775Ah, and include fast charging solutions. For applications that are working extensive shift patterns, the new trucks are well-prepared, offering different battery exchange methods to suit all customer preferences in multi-shift operations. This unique battery management solution is available for application either from above or from the side.


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