Mobile Weighing Equipment / Scales for Airport Material Handling

Company RAVAS Europe
Date 02.05.2013

iForks boost revenues on air cargo handling

iForks makes weighing of air cargo pallets fast and easy. While handling the pallet on the forklift, the scale forks measure the weight of the pallet and add the weight information to the AirWay Bill data set. iForks allow an air cargo handler to check the real weight of every pallet against the declared weight on the Air Waybill: weight differences are corrected on the Air Waybill, making sure that correct weights are invoiced. Increased revenues usually provide 100% ROI on iForks within months.
iForks are certified legal for trade, therefore the measured weight can be used for invoicing. iForks allow the check weighing of every air cargo pallet directly on the forklift truck, without loss of time. iForks is a completely wireless scale system for use on forklift trucks and can be installed on any forklift in a matter of minutes.

How does it work?
Every pallet handled on a forklift is automatically weighed by the scale forks, the weight shown on the iForks display in the cabin. The pallet is identified, e.g. by bar code scan, linking it to an Air Waybill data set. The pallet weight is transferred from the scale display to the WMS, where the weight on the Air Waybill is corrected if necessary. Data transfer from scale to WMS can be via cable if there is a data terminal on the truck, or via wireless to an existing WLAN network. Essential is that every pallet can be checked for weight, right on the forklift truck, during handling, without having to drive back and forth to a floor scale. That makes iForks extremely suitable for use during the rush hours that are such a defining aspect of air cargo handling.

Certified legal for trade
iForks are certified legal for trade, class OIML III, certificate number T2735. This certification allows invoicing by the weight measured on iForks: it guarantees the accuracy of the scale, independent of the position of the load on the forks, and independent of temperature changes or electromagnetic fields.

What is iForks?
iForks is the first completely wireless set of scale forks for use on forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. Since all scale components are completely integrated in the forks, iForks has no external cabling whatsoever. iForks can be installed on any forklift in a few minutes: plug & weigh! From then on any load lifted is instantly weighed.

Low cost of ownership
The iForks weight display in the cabin shows the weight of the pallet load on the forks. It provides a range of scale functions: gross/net weighing, total weight per shipment, ID code entry, etc. The display can transfer weight data to an integrated printer, a truck terminal, or direct to a WMS or ERP system, via wireless. iForks uses Digital Calibration Technology: over the keypad of the display the scale can be calibrated fast and easy. This makes the scale very maintenance friendly and provides low cost of ownership.

More information about user applications for iForks and technical specifications can be found on this web page.


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