Modernising Air Traffic Management with Open Standards

Company Snowflake Software
Date 01.05.2013

UK based Snowflake Software is pleased to announce the opening of its first US office and the launch of Snowflake Software Inc.

Snowflake Software’s expansion into North America is a direct result of positive business growth within the Air Traffic Management (ATM) sector. “Opening our first US office is a strategic move to develop both our ATM business and our partner base in North America. It’s also about being closer and more accessible to our current US customers”, explains Ian Painter, CEO at Snowflake.

The new office will be in the Capital Gallery Building in Washington, D.C., close to Independence Avenue, where the Federal Aviation Authority is based. A local team is being recruited who will be supported on a regular basis by senior management from the UK.

Based on open standards, Snowflake’s unique GO Loader and GO Publisher software products enable organisations to build NextGen infrastructure on top of existing systems.  Importantly Snowflake takes a ‘configuration only’ approach where its products act as an open standards ‘wrapper’ enabling organisations to exchange Aeronautical (AIXM), Weather (WXXM) and Flight (FIXM) information in accordance to the net-centric goals of System Wide Information Management (SWIM).  Through adopting such an approach, organisations de-risk their move towards NextGen whilst at the same time increasing the interoperability of their existing technology investment.

Snowflake recently received the SESAR SWIM MasterClass Best in Class Award and the ATC Global Excellence Award for its work in building SWIM B2B Web Services using open standards.  The newly incorporated Snowflake Software Inc. will operate as the North American subsidiary of parent company Snowflake Software Ltd.

About Snowflake Software
Founded in 2001, Snowflake Software provides commercial off the shelf software products that facilitate data exchange and interoperability within the Data Provider, INSPIRE, Defence, and Aviation markets. Based on open standards, the unique off the shelf GO Loader and GO Publisher products and enables the efficient low risk building of next generation Open Data infrastructures by wrapping existing legacy infrastructure. Combine the off the shelf software with the knowledge of industry experts, business consultants and training courses and Snowflake can tailor its products and services to specific business or industry requirements.


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