More runway excursions in 2018: an overview and insight

Date 11.02.2019

It might have gone unnoticed by the wider public, but 2018 was a record breaking year in terms of runway excursions, nose gear collapses and missed turns on taxiways.

Many will remember the dramatic pictures of the runway excursions in Trabzon, Turkey or Manila, the Philippines. The reality is that in 2018 on average three aircraft got disabled globally, leading to 130 incidents, 23 more than in 2017*. On average, these incidents led to a runway/airport closure of 15 hours. With the average direct cost of such a closure being 3500 Euro’s per minute, count out the losses! The new year so far shows a similar, if not worse picture. We registered 17 incidents in January and so far 4 in February. This is 6 more than at the same point last year!

Despite the frequency of incidents, the consequences of not being prepared or having the wrong equipment are heavily underestimated. To help you create awareness within your organisation we have produced a quick overview of the number of incidents, average runway/airport closure time and the location of the incidents.

Download the statistics here: Aircraft Recovery Statistics 2018 & 2019

Please contact us if you need more information or in-depth analysis of the incident statistics.

* RESQTEC gathers its statistics through online and offline sources (e.g. Aviation Herald, NTSB, etc.). We estimate that we capture approximately 60-70% of the  actual number of incidents.


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