Multimedia Ranking 2016: a rise of ten places for Krankikom

Company Krankikom GmbH
Date 02.06.2016

Because of its strong business performance last year, Krankikom, the Duisburg multimedia company, has risen ten places from 54th to 44th in the national ranking of German internet agencies.

Whilst other service providers have grown in recent years by means of mergers and acquisitions, Krankikom has generated its growth and income from its classic project business. As Holger Ruhfus, the managing director, has stated, “We’re not contemplating any takeovers in the future either” thus emphasising that his company will continue to strive for healthy organic growth.

Especially at a time of more and more agency consolidations, he sees a place for efficient owner-run service providers who value each individual customer. “In my view, simply buying turnover and market share makes no sense in our area of business, because the quality of our performance is crucially dependent on our staff’s abilities and commitment, and size alone doesn’t bring any advantages.”

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