NEC simplifies digital signage with new generation of high performance Slot-in PCs

Company Sharp NEC Display Solutions
Date 30.06.2016

NEC Display Solutions Europehas launched new Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Slot-in PCs for large format displays and projectors, enhancing content playback for digital signage. The sixth generation Intel® Core™ i processors offer perfectly crisp and clear UHD resolution for applications such as flight information control in airports, media playback for retail signage, menu board systems for quick service restaurants, or video conferencing in corporate applications.

All large format NEC displays and PX and PH installation projectors* are compatible with the new Slot-in PCs. All NEC Slot-in options are based on OPS, the first industry-wide digital signage standard, simplifying device installation and making it easier to upgrade digital signage equipment. As an industry standard, OPS therefore ensures a future-proof investment for organisations.

Retailers, restaurants or airports can use the Slot-in PCs to tailor-make seamless solutions to meet their invididual business needs, using a range of solid-state drives, RAM, operating systems, TMP for enhanced security, G3.75 for mobile data, or by adding Wi-Fi. This targeted approach adds to the overall efficiency and return on investment for displays, long-term.

Adarsh Nair, Business Development Manager for LFD Displays Middle East & Africa at NEC Display Solutions Europe, comments: “Many industries today are looking for ways to enhance their digital signage, and use more advanced applications. They also need flexibility in how displays are used, tailoring solutions to meet specific business needs or content. By significantly enhancing the high performance computing power of displays, it opens up the possibilities for businesses to gain easier and smoother operations while securing long-term return on investment.”

According to 3DMark06/11 benchmark software, the Slot-in PCs can deliver up to 100% more 3D graphics performance, making it perfectly suited for high resolution content such as UHD. In addition, overall performance is improved by more than 40%. They are fully embedded as all connectors are inside the display, offering a better overall look of the display, and installations are made easily as the PCs are easily slotted in. Additional benefits include:

  • Ultra High Definition playback – native UHD and 4K resolution to create super realistic “pixel-free” content
  • Better visual experiences – Intel® HD Graphics 530 provides high-end media and graphics capabilities for devices that display videos, 2D/3D graphics and interactive content – even in Ultra HD resolution at 60 Hz
  • Low power consumption – offering environmental benefits and power savings Availability The four new NEC OPS Slot-in PCs – Intel® Celeron® up to Core™ i7 – will be commercially available from July 2016 onwards.

* All NEC large format displays (except E Series 32” to 65”) plus NEC PX and PH installation projectors feature this option slot.


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