New Champion Door project JOB AIR Technic MRO hangar in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Company Champion Door
Date 12.11.2020

The large partition-free doorways for aeroplane and helicopter hangars and maintenance rooms require doors with special properties.

The fabric can be equipped with soundproofing, thermal insulation and burglar protection. Door model NK4 Warm is especially popular in aircraft repair hangars. Champion Door NK4 Warm hangar door model is the only hangar door on the market with additional thermal insulation. This helps keep down the costs that arise from the hangar heating and cooling. With good thermal insulation, condensation of moisture on the door surface is minimal, and the door is highly reliable even in Arctic conditions.

This awesome new Champion Door is installed in JOB AIR Technic MRO hangar in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The door model is NK4 Warm, which is the best choice for service halls. The thermal insulation capacity of the NK4 Warm is top-class, and energy is also saved in the summer when cooling the hall. At the same time, working conditions remain comfortable!


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