New Discussion - How Biometrics Fit into Airports of Today

Company Collins Aerospace
Date 10.01.2018

The use of biometrics to improve and increase security in the modern airport environment is on the rise all over the world, and some of the largest airports and airlines are making moves towards a biometric airport through current trials.

Global consumers are becoming more accustomed to the use of biometrics, with applications on smartphones and devices already familiar parts of daily life. This makes biometric identification a more comfortable concept, and its’ security benefits more easily realised.

Rockwell Collins is exploring the possibilities for Artificial Intelligence in airports to further improve critical processes and understands that facial recognition can go far beyond a simple screen at the front of the check-in queue. With the additional use of infrared cameras, to avoid ambient lighting issues, biometric recognition technology is leading the way for the airport of tomorrow.
According to Tony Chapman, Director of Product Management and Strategic Programmes, Global Airports for Rockwell Collins, working systems and processes via biometrics can ‘remake the passenger experience’, as they embrace self-service technologies and integrate biometric authentication to enable a much faster and more pleasant trip through the airport.

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