New eGate installation goes into operation in Iceland

Company secunet Security Networks AG
Date 21.06.2017

The first automated border control systems (eGates) in Iceland have been put into operation at Keflavik airport. The first control unit, equipped with six gates for passengers to pass through was opened on 9 June; the first traveller to use the new system came from France and was travelling on to North America.

Keflavik airport is seeing a steady growth in passenger numbers, and is frequently used as a hub for intercontinental flights between Europe and North America. The departures and arrivals zones at the Leif-Eriksson Terminal are currently being renovated to accommodate this growing passenger volume going forward. At the same time, modern, automated border control systems (eGates) are being installed to make the control process more convenient for travellers, to reduce transfer times and to speed up arrivals and departures.

Back in February, secunet in Germany won a bid to provide six easygate control gates in the departures zone and six in the arrivals zone. A test system was then installed in April and the first control unit, which features six gates, has now been opened in the departures zone for passengers to pass through.

In addition to the eGates, the secunet easygate installation in Iceland also includes the associated monitoring stations for the border control officers and a central management and statistics system. Besides supplying the easygate products, secunet is also responsible for installation and commissioning, training the operator’s border control and technical personnel and providing on-site support for the installation during the first weeks of operation.


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