New “Follow Me” vehicles for Cologne/Bonn Airport

Company Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH
Date 03.06.2016

Ha?nsch Warnsysteme pr1The Cologne/Bonn airport relies on the DBF 4000 from Hänsch. A total of 4 Ford Kuga were equipped with the innovative “Follow Me” lightbar system, the HBE 300 hand-held control unit, and the LED front flasher Sputnik SL.

As another highlight, the new under-mounted speaker for DBF 4000 was installed. It can be used in combination with an existing signalling system or as a voice announcement extension of an existing, forward-facing signalling system.

Its flat under-mount design permits all types of mounting (on leg supports or with a flat seal on a level surface) and has no effect on the lighting functions in the DBF 4000.

The DBF 4000 was developed with specially tailored functionality for use in airports, to ensure maximum operating safety at airports.

The system’s individually selectable functions ensure that both the traffic control and Follow Me vehicles are optimally equipped.

  • Main LED beacons in red or amber high-power LEDs
  • Rear-oriented full matrix with red or yellow high-power LEDs displaying the texts “FOLLOW ME”, “STOP” and arrows
  • The option to activate the arrows using the vehicle’s indicator controls
  • Brake contact activating the text “STOP”
  • Activation of the light bar according to CANopen Standard 447 with digital manual control HBE 300 Follow Me.

The objective in developing and manufacturing Hänsch products is to achieve the maximum warning effect along with high reliability – as this is only way to ensure maximum safety on roads and at airports.

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