New Release: ARINC Airports cMUSE Brochure

Company Collins Aerospace
Date 03.04.2018

The latest brochure release from Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airports is now available in the ‘Resources’ section of our website – for download in PDF format, or viewable live online.

ARINC cMUSE offers the aviation industry a unique, next-generation opportunity to reinvent the way airlines and airports operate, in a combination of the latest cloud technology with the proven reliability and security of Rockwell Collins’ leading passenger processing solution.

Using biometrics and analysis to redefine passenger experience
Rockwell Collins’ ARINC cMUSE delivers a comprehensive approach to give airlines and airports the support they need to handle passengers from arrival to exit, while meeting critical operational requirements. Using biometric recognition, cMUSE reduces the need for constant identification documentation as passengers check-in and board, thus creating a seamless and enhanced experience for passengers and airport personnel.

The ability to harness the power of analytics within the operational environment, cMUSE can offer greater understanding of an airport’s day-to-day operations, which can lead to increased efficiency and better deployment of airport resources. Reports can be tailored to include information such as:

  • Check-in desk activity
  • Boarding gates use
  • Airline usage based on applications
  • Airline usage based on logged-in duration
  • Passenger flow
  • Queue monitoring
  • On and off-site check-in services
  • And much more.

Reducing costs and improving operational productivity
Using the latest cloud technology, ARINC cMUSE eliminates the need for core computing space and on-site server rooms, in addition to the reduction of technical manpower. Within the cloud, and without the need for dedicated, on-site support, it is clear to see how cMUSE operations can make complex, traditional services far simpler, faster and more cost-efficient.

Without the need for dedicated core server rooms, although there is an on-premise solution available for airports that do require locally-deployed systems, airports of all sizes can enjoy scalable and flexible options to adapt to the constantly-changing airport environment, particularly with the introduction of mandatory security requirements.

Unmatched support and monitoring services
The Rockwell Collins operations centre uses cloud-based resources and functionality to ensure 24/7 operational support and monitoring services. Monitoring both wide area networks and business-critical functions within the cloud assures seamless service and availability in a fully-managed solution.

Maintenance and support services become simplified within the cloud, and with automated updates, the most up-to-date platform is always available and new features accessible immediately once deployed in the cloud.

The ARINC cMUSE platform uses a range of connection options including:

  • Internet connection
  • Dedicated port connection
  • WiFi
  • 3g/4g mobile

With simplified accessibility, seamless reliability and round-the-clock dedicated support, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC cMUSE offers airports of all sizes the scalability and flexibility needed to enhance the passenger experience and operational productivity on a truly global scale.

Trust Rockwell Collins to support your airport with streamlined, efficient solutions for next generation scalability. Download your copy of the new ARINC Airports cMUSE brochure now.

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