NEW wireless communications for electric tug pushback

Company dBD Communications
Date 04.10.2021

Following successful trials in 2020 and operational roll-out, dBD Communications would like to introduce our newly innovated products, Minerva Motion and Minerva VOX.

As the latest additions to our established airside Minerva range, both assets have been purposely designed to enhance communications between electric tug operators and the flight deck and improve efficiency.

Not only do both systems offer uninterrupted wireless communications up to 100m, multiple users can connect to the communication line. This enables teams to adhere to social distancing whilst providing a highly efficient and practical method of communication for greater freedom of movement around the aircraft.

Hands-free communications with Minerva Motion

Minerva Motion enables aircraft handlers operating remote controlled pushback tugs to communicate wirelessly with the flight deck.

The push-to-talk function can be attached to the controller of each electric pushback tug, allowing the operator’s hands to remain on the controller at all times.

Voice activation with Minerva VOX

Minerva VOX offers the same wireless communications as Minerva Motion, although with one major difference. Minerva VOX is voice-activated with the system transmitting at the sound of the user’s voice, offering an alternative solution to hands-free communication.

dBD Communications are continuously adapting to industry technology and identifying the drawbacks that need to be addressed. Developing solutions in which the airline and ground-staff communication can be improved.

To discuss the benefits of any of our Minerva products or to arrange a free trial, please contact our sales team on or call +44 (0)1268 724617


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