NIJL Newsletter - Aircraft Docking 2.0

Company NIJL Aircraft Docking
Date 06.04.2017

We are A350 ready! Are you?

Proudly we announce the delivery of a full package access stands to the first airline in Europe to operate the A350 XWB.

With in-house engineering NIJL Aircraft Docking offers a full service package from design up to delivery on site, commissioning and training. With the advanced 3D scanner we were able to make detailed 3D aircraft scans before the A350 was launched to the airliner.

At the time the aircraft first arrived at the airport the A350 Access Stands had already been delivered to the hangar and could be fitted around the aircraft directly.

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B787 Entry Into Service Package

NIJL Aircraft Docking has developed a complete and full service package for the B787 aircraft.

The equipment consists of Docking Systems and Access Stands that are also available in combination with other aircraft types like the A350. Contact us to learn more!

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10th Narrow Body Dock completed!

NIJL Aircraft Docking is proud to announce completion of the 10th A320/B737 docking system.

Shall we assemble the 11th in your hangar?

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