Company NLB Corporation
Date 14.02.2018

New unit raises the bar on pavement marking and runway rubber removal productivity.

NLB Corp., a leader in the manufacture of high pressure water jetting equipment, has announced the launch of its new SRV-6 StarJet® stripe and runway rubber removal system. The SRV-6 was recently unveiled at the 2018 American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) convention in San Antonio, Texas. The truck’s design engineering started with a fresh sheet of paper and has culminated in the most powerful, technologically-advanced pavement marking and rubber removal system in the industry.

“This truck has all the reliability and low cost of operation that customers have come to expect from NLB equipment”, says Jim Van Dam, Director of Product Development and Marketing, “but now it includes a 450 HP high pressure pump and an all new front end assembly which maximizes production and simplifies operation and maintenance.”

The StarJet SRV-6 offers a dual engine design that allows dedicated power to both the truck and water jetting pump, resulting in more consistent water jetting pressure and flow, and offer cooler running engines, longer life cycles and optimum fuel consumption. Addi- tional features include a front-end indexing carriage, improved weight distribution and independently-operated dual SpinJet® head design.

NLB corporation introduced the very first StarJet truck nearly twenty-five years ago that revolutionized the industry by utilizing ul- tra-high pressure water to strip pavement markings and runway rubber build up.

For more information on the NLB StarJet SRV-6, go to or contact NLB Corporation at (248) 624-5555.

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