NORDAC FLEX SK 205E – The flexible professional for handling and positioning

Date 07.10.2021

The NORDAC FLEX frequency inverter is the all-rounder among decentralised frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Thanks to its direct motor mounting or close-to motor mounting, and a wide selection of functions, the inverter is especially suitable for positioning applications or move and rotation tasks in handling technology. With available powers of up to 22 kW, it can also tackle larger positioning tasks.

The decentralised NORDAC FLEX SK 205E frequency inverter is ideally suitable for positioning applications or move and rotation tasks in handling applications. Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

NORDAC FLEX inverters are mounted directly on the motor or close to the motor. This enables the shortest possible motor and encoder cables as well as minimal length cabling for directly connected application sensors and actuators. The installation topology provides for linear supplies for mains voltage, 24 V control voltage and field bus systems/Industrial Ethernet.

With the NORDAC FLEX SK 205E, dynamic movements with short start/stop times or cyclic operation can be implemented thanks to high overload and optional braking resistors. The operation of highly efficient synchronous motors is possible, as is the use of brake motors and encoder feedback, e.g. for position-controlled handling systems. Also vertical movements, e.g. for lifting systems with higher performance requirements and loads can also be operated in the same system. All power and communication connections are optionally available as plug-in versions. Options such as functional safety via PROFIsafe complete the package, making the NORDAC FLEX SK 205E a flexible all-rounder in this market segment.

Control up to four synchronised axes
Due to the internal PLC and the POSICON position control for relative and absolute positioning, the NORDAC FLEX can synchronise several NORD drives in master slave mode. The integrated POSICON functionality ensures that the inverters are able to determine the current position of the master drive and transmit it to the following slave axes as setpoint position. As a result, functions such as synchronised movement and “flying saw “ can be executed quickly and precisely. The “flying saw” enables coupling and parallel movement of a processing unit relative to a moving object. As the transport of material continuously travels on the master axis, the slave axis is synchronised to the master. As soon as synchronised movement is attained, the processing is executed. The slave axis then returns to its initial position and the process is repeated. Application examples include wood cutting and transfer of liquids. Up to three slave inverters can be controlled by one master inverter. A higher level control is not necessary. NORD drives self-sufficiently ensure smooth processing in many different handling and positioning applications.


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