Could you tell me how many keys circulate in your airport?

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Could you tell me how many keys and badges are currently circulating in your airport?

The Supply chain of an airport is one of the most complex areas to investigate. It is a network of multiple business units potentially including logistic, suppliers, contractors, airlines, airport operators, government agencies and other service providers.

These different parties at some point need access to range of areas at your airport which necessitates the need to exchange badges, keys or identification devices to access and leave restricted or public areas.


Stolen, Misplaced or lost keys, how to deal with that?

Managing all the movement of keys for third party companies can be problematic. If a contractor leaves with their temporary badge or if an employee’s badge is misplaced, lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the airport managers to anticipate any of these scenarios.

Ultimately, security at an airport is vulnerable if inappropriate measures are not in place.

1.97 billion reasons to choose Protec2 CLIQ

As specialist suppliers to the Airport industry, Abloy UK worked closely with Gatwick Airport to understand their daily challenges related to key control at their airport.

To achieve the security necessary, Gatwick Airport is benefiting from the features PROTEC2 CLIQ® provides including:

  • top-class mechanical security with its 1.97 billion key combinations, patented until 2031
  • key control management and traceability for staff, crew, engineers, tenants and contractors.
  • unique identification for every opening through encrypted communication
  • Authorised timed access for staff and contractors
  • Ability to quickly and easily enable and revoke key authorisation remotely, ideal for areas with a large number of tenants and contractors.
  • Substantial time saved and operational efficiencies in key collection between Airside and Landside
  • Full Audit trail reports
  • Delete lost keys
  • Integration with permit to work
  • 100% control of all keys, 100% of the time

From specialist Airside and Landside locking solutions to security door sets, our extensive range of products can offer you a comprehensive security solution designed for you.

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