Offering Ground Handlers Comprehensive Visibility with A-HDB

Company A-ICE
Date 12.11.2019

It is estimated that the world’s air traffic is accelerating at an average rate of 5% every year. This means that within the next 15 years there could be up to 40,000 aircraft clamouring for air space above our heads. Handing burgeoning numbers of aircraft on the ground is a big, future consideration for airlines and airports. This is before we even begin to think about the implications of handling the additional passengers, baggage and cargo aboard them.

Today, issues on the ground dealing with rising air traffic are already leading to occasional, but increasing delays caused by the bottlenecks. The cost associated with ground delays is high and significant for airlines, who already work on tight margins. So how can ground handlers, airport and airline operators prepare for the additional pressure without major, widespread investments in physical and infrastructural improvements?

How the implementation of ground handling technology solutions can relieve the pressure

Many airlines are beginning to take advantage of third-party airport ground handling teams to reduce costs and improve operational productivity. Airports with robust, innovative technology implemented at the airside supported by other fully-integrated airport solutions are already realising the benefits, particularly in the area of compliance. Automation in baggage reconciliation, for example, is delivering a simplified, streamlined approach that immediately meets IATA R753 – the regulation for baggage tracking.

A-ICE has developed a range of fully-integrable airport solutions that aim to ensure the ground handling teams have full visibility and secure access to vital information in real-time via a central database with multiple options for accessibility from a range of static and mobile devices.

Airport Handling Database (A-HDB)

The powerful Airport Handling Database (A-HDB) was developed by A-ICE to provide a secure location where flight and service data can be collected and stored, offering Ground Handling teams a full, comprehensive view of operations throughout the entire ground processing cycle.

The platform can be tailored to give different levels of access, tightening security and simplifying the viewpoint for each ground handling role. A-HDB has been developed with a user-friendly interface, minimizing training time and significantly reducing the likelihood of human error.

A-HDB is fully integrable with A-ODB, the A-ICE airport operational database solution, designed to offer a central hub and is the catalyst for the integration of all airport systems. Through this key integration, A-HDB can work in real-time and provide the latest flight and passenger information to enable early identification of a potential bottleneck and subsequent delay or situation that could arise.

Many views are available within the platform, such as:

  • Flight status
  • Task status
  • Allocated resources
  • Turnaround monitoring
  • Arrivals and departures information
  • Service requests
  • Aircraft positioning requests
  • And more.

Ensuring the right teams have access to the right information at the right time is key to relieving the pressure – streamlining, simplifying and increasing efficiency.

Talk to A-ICE about achieving comprehensive visibility for your ground handling processes. Find out more about A-HDB and let’s discuss the creation of a uniquely tailored platform to seamlessly integrate your critical operations and enable scalability for the future growth of air traffic.


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