Onur's New "CWP Screen Casting" Feature Brings a New Meaning to At-The-Glass Recording

Company ONUR
Date 13.11.2020

In the present “IP-world”, monitoring and recording capabilities have become more critical and significant in mission-critical systems and applications. This not only allows the system administrators to monitor and audit what’s happening inside any given system, but also allows to readily comprehend user habits and gives an ideal environment for hands-on training.

Furthermore, the Voice Communication Systems (VCS) also requires such integrated capabilities, by their mission-critical nature. In the past, basic audio recording was adequate for VCS solutions; yet in an IP based environment, where the users interact with software applications through panel computers of Controller Working Positions (CWP), it is likewise needed to log, monitor and record the screens of the referred equipment.

ONUR has been working in VCS domain for a long time and is well-known for presenting innovative technologies with its product-lines. Monitoring the need of a new recording approach for VCS solutions, we are glad to announce our cutting-edge recording functionalities, explicitly intended for VCS solutions. As of today, in addition to ED 137 Standard compliant audio recording functions, ONUR has further evolved embedded capabilities to its VCS solutions to monitor and record CWP screens over IP networks. These new capabilities are completely software based and do not require any hardware add-ons.

CWP Screen Monitoring Function
Monitoring solution can be utilized for training or compliance purposes. With our solution, all CWP screens can be monitored by an authorized user from any terminal in the IP network. Based on customer’s preferences this function can be coupled with a visual feedback on the CWP HMI so that the operator can see an indication message during monitoring process.

CWP Screen Recording Function
Our CWP screen recording solution serves a couple of requirements like investigation of incidents, operator training, understanding user habits and prevent user-originated misuse.

CWP screens to be recorded can be chosen and set off in Administrator Panel on focal servers with no changes or configuration on the CWP side. Recording process begins at user log-in without any indication to the operator side. During the recording process, three main data is indexed for helping synchronized playback if there should be an occurrence of an investigation:

  • Operator username
  • Time-stamp
  • CWP (name/address)

Screen data can be stored in Voice Recording Server (VRS) or any other recording server situated in the same organization.

Playback of all data and re-generating a point in time for investigation is possible for all data sources that are stored in ONUR VCS/VRS Servers. Investigator can choose the relevant CWP, the user and/or the time reference in seconds to create the same environment in a given time. Recorded screens are synchronized with the audio recordings stored in ONUR VRS. With audio and any event data that have been recorded, are likewise conceivable to look through a CWP’s/screen’s situation by marks as well as commenting or labelling them to be searched later on.

Last, but not the least, all the recordings (included the recorded screens) can be exported to another external storage with an offline media player.

With these new features, ONUR VCS and VRS solutions acquire a more refined and reliable recording and monitoring capabilities to our customers, without the necessity of any further hardware investment. ONUR’s native IP based screen casting feature brings new dimension to the “at-the-glass” recording concept for ATC/ATM and other similar mission critical applications.

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