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Date 12.02.2013

Avinor has entered into an agreement to hire air traffic control personnel for Oslo Control Centre in Røyken LFV Aviation Consulting.  These will be ready for operational duty before the summer of 2013. The measure is one of several designed to bolster air traffic control capacity in Norway.

“We are very happy to have this agreement in place. The hiring of air traffic control staff is one of several measures to ensure that we provide the services our customers and society at large expect,” says CEO of Avinor, Dag Falk-Petersen. 

The agreement initially entails that four air traffic controllers are hired by Oslo Control Centre for three years, with an option for a further year. Training starts immediately. Avinor has an option to hire more resources as required when training capacity permits.
In addition to hiring air traffic controllers, Avinor's recruitment and training of air traffic controller students continues unabated.

Several measures implemented
In cooperation with staff, more than 20 measures have been developed to ensure improved operational stability.  The hiring of foreign air traffic controllers is one of these measures. Other measures include moving as many air traffic controllers to the Oslo area as possible, distributing overtime more evenly among employees, work on increasing training capacity and optimizing holidays by spreading them over a longer period.

“In sum the measures will result in strengthened capacity, better services to the airlines and reduced pressure on our employees in eastern Norway,” says Falk-Petersen.

“This is a big step for ATC in Scandinavia. We show the whole world that we can help each other in difficult situations, I am very happy that we could provide this win-win solution, for all parties involved”, says CEO of LFV Aviation Consulting, Lars Håkansson.

For further comments please contact Mr Carl Selling, Communication Director of LFV, phone +46(11)19 21 07.


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