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Company LFV Aviation Consulting
Date 03.03.2015

Within the coming month, seven control centres in five European countries, including Sweden, will put into operation a new version of a joint air traffic control system.

"LFV and its counterparts in Denmark, Ireland, Austria and Croatia have developed the most modern system in the world for air traffic control. Air traffic is increasing, and with this new system we are well equipped to cope with the increase in traffic," says Stig Brandwold.

He is employed by LFV but works full-time as the independent chairman of Coopans, as the joint organisation is called. The purpose of Coopans is to reduce costs through the coordinated development and implementation of a joint air traffic control system.
"Development costs for new systems and versions are very large. Through this cooperation we reduce our own costs, which in the end is to the benefit of the entire aviation industry.  At the same time we comply with stringent EU requirements for air navigation service providers to reduce their costs," says Stig Brandwold.

TopSky, as the new air traffic control programme is called, demonstrated its strength last summer. When air traffic over Ukraine decreased there was a 20% increase in traffic in Austrian airspace, which TopSky managed without any problems.
"With TopSky we can create the right conditions for further harmonisation between control centres and cost-effective technological development," says Stig Brandwold.

LFV is a public utility that provides air traffic services. LFV provides air navigation services in towers and control centres at 28 locations in Sweden. LFV delivers services in Scandinavia, Europe and the middle/Far East. LFV develops services to provide safe, efficient and sustainable air navigation services for civil and military aviation.  LFV has approximately 1,200 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 2.6 billion per year.


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