Passenger Boarding Bridges, Ground Support Equipment, Airport Services & Terminal Solutions

Company ADELTE Airport Technologies
Date 17.05.2013

Situated 50 km from the capital, San Salvador, El Salvador International Airport —more commonly known as Comalapa International Airport— receives around 2 million passengers each year and is currently investing close to 70 million dollars in the refurbishment and modernization of its facilities.

The PBBs, which were designed by ADELTE in its engineering centre in Barcelona (Spain) and will be manufactured in their facilities in Monzón (Spain), will greatly improve docking, passenger embarkation and disembarkation and maintenance operations.

The unique design of the Apron Drive PBBs contracted by the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) consists of two crescent sections and steel tunnels, and an electro-mechanical mechanism will be used for traction and lifting. They will serve a wide range of aircraft, adapting perfectly to the current and future needs of airlines operating at El Salvador’s main airport.

As always, ADELTE offers a high-quality, turnkey product that complies with the highest international standards.
“ADELTE’s bridges incorporate the most advanced innovations and technologies, ensuring total safety for both passengers and operators”, Xavier Bartomeu, Sales Manager for Central and South America.

In addition to Passenger Boarding Bridges, ADELTE’s range of airport products and solutions include Ground Support Equipment (GSE), maintenance services, PBB driving services, spare parts, the APRONAUT docking simulator, baggage carts and SERVIKART trolley management system.


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