The perfect solution for airport equipment has a name: Carttec

Company Carttec
Date 24.11.2017

Airport professionals want to make your work easy.

Efficiency, innovation, stainless steel or aluminium; all those elements are gathered in Carttec’s catalog where the customer can choose the most suitable products. Their products cover all the necessities that let an airport works effectively.

The catalog is available in different languages and it focuses not only on workers transport but also on goods transport and purchases in Duty-free area with a wide variety of products. Some of these products are made for children who want to be imaginative while their parents walk with their luggage in the airport.

Carttec is professional in import, manufacturing and distribution of all the equipment necessary for airport field. With more than 25 years of professional career, Carttec has achieved a prestigious name in the sector.

The company work is adapted to customer necessities and make a huge effort to accomplish all the demands with a quick response. The strict following of the manufacturing and distribution of their products is the result of the desire of offering the best equipment quality for airports.

Nowadays, Carttec is operating in every single continent in the world which means that 40 countries use Carttec’s products. Everybody who searches for their products can obtain all the information they need. Carttec is the best ally if you want to get all the equipment you need for your airport.



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