PET Fabrics: the ongoing change 

Company Ammeraal Beltech
Date 23.11.2022


Sustainability race

The ever-increasing number of airports join green initiatives to meet their clients’ expectations. Throughout the industry, new solutions are introduced to achieve sustainability, which is an important drive for the passengers. We, at Ammeraal Beltech, strongly believe that baggage handling solutions can contribute strongly to this cause. Hence, helping airport contractors with providing the best and the most environmentally friendly belts.

Recycling is the key

For that reason, we have launched an initiative of our own. Namely, conveyor belting solutions made with the addition of PET fabrics. We discovered that it is possible to use recycled material as a compound of our products without any negative changes to the belt specifications, even under heavy loads or at high temperatures. To be more precise, used plastic bottles, after being thrown to the proper bin, are processed into flakes, then pellet and further fibres of recycled polyester, finally replacing the use of the virgin one. It is a perfect compound which can be used in Ammeraal Beltech airport solutions, and therefore helping all Airport Operators to take the next step towards sustainability.

A win-win situation

Successful airport operating requires the best performance equipment. We not only provide such instruments, but also do it in a sustainable way. Whether it is a longer belt-life, belts with recycled fibres, or limiting CO2 emissions as well as power usage with the AMMdurance, Ammeraal Beltech belting for Baggage Handling Systems help contribute towards the goal. All in all, we, as a sustainable company, do everything we can to promote eco-belting solutions, because we believe sustainable belting solutions are the only way forward.


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