Pioneering technologies to improve airport efficiencies: Panel discussion

Company Midstream Lighting
Date 09.06.2020

In this special webinar, a selection of industry-leading companies are coming together to present and discuss a number of innovative technologies that have been created to improve efficiencies within airports. Midstream Lighting, the global pioneer in specialist high mast LED lighting, TKH Airport Solutions, international innovators in airfield ground lighting and Honeywell the world-wide technology giant in the convergence of airside and terminal solutions will all gather in this special one-off session.

The current turbulent times we all face in the industry require pioneers, innovators and inventors to all work together to make sure the aviation sector the world over continues to move forward. A key area we must all consider is how airports can be as efficient as possible, making sure operations run perfectly, at capacity but with the highest level of safety and compliance standards. In this presentation and panel discussion session our 3 industry-leading organisations will present and discuss a number of technologies that provide the exact type of efficiencies the industry needs right now including;

  • TKH Airport Solutions: CEDD® is an innovative contactless energy and data distribution technology
  • Honeywell: NAVITAS the software suite that makes end-to end airport management possible
  • Midstream Lighting: Titan Series the leading high mast LED lighting solution

Expect technical presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A from attendees in this fast-paced and engaging webinar.

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