Post-COVID-19 Airports with DESKO Solutions

Company DESKO
Date 16.06.2020


How does the airport industry get back to normal operations? And what will Post-COVID-19 Airports look like? Airports need to implement comprehensive health and safety measures for passengers and staff. This concerns the operational processes and procedures.

How Corona Influences Contactless, Self-Service Technologies

Yesterday Airports wanted to improve passenger experience with intuitive and simple processes. Today Airports want to improve passenger experience with intuitive, simple AND 100% TOUCHLESS processes. Workflows that can be optimized with DESKO product solutions like the proven DESKO PENTA platform.

With the DESKO PENTA Scanner it is possible to turn touchpoints of the passenger journey into touchless points because it scans documents from a greater distance. Neither the agent nor the passenger has to touch the device.

The PENTA platform with its various features and options covers all areas from check-in, security, passenger flow control to boarding.

Airports worldwide use versions of the DESKO PENTA Scanner® for scanning, collecting and authenticating of ID document data. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical scan system, developed by DESKO, best suited for scanning ID cards and passports under IR, VIS and UV. It therefore provides excellent images for OCR data collection or document authentication.

The PENTA Scanner® stands out against other full-page scanners due to its variety on features like barcode reading, magnetic stripe and smart card reading. Customers appreciate the RFID module for biometric passport reading and its great visible feedback thanks to its multicolor LCD display and bright LEDs.

Additionally, the PENTA Scanner® can be equipped with changeable battery packs and even WLAN/LAN/3G connectivity which give the opportunity for a complete infrastructure independent operation at any time and location.

The PENTA Scanner® is available as

  • PENTA Scanner® CKI – Dedicated Multifunctional Scanner for Check-In
  • PENTA Scanner® – Multifunctional Scanner for Security, Access or Flow Control
  • PENTA Scanner® BGR – Dedicated Multifunctional Scanner for Boarding
  • PENTA OEM Scanners – Multifunctional Document Scanners for Integration




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