Power assistance for your manual wheelchair now available from Escape Mobility

Company Escape Mobility Company
Date 10.05.2023

The V-Drive system simplifies your movements with a manual wheel-chair. The V-Drive takes over all the work from your pushing assistant. Taking a steep hill or inclinations, bumps in the roads or just a small journey outside… all this is just ideal for the V-Drive.

A userfriendly controller ensures optimal quality and comfort for daily usage of your wheelchair in combination with the V-Drive.

We are offering two versions of the V-Drive. A standard version (for people up to 135 kg) and a Heavy-Duty version (for people up to 200 kg).

A very simple installation is available for left or rightside mounting of the V-Drive. Disassembly of your V-Drive for transport inside your car can be done in a minute. Disconnect the battery pack and the driving system and you are ready to go.

If you prefer not to use your V-Drive along the way, it is sufficient to lift up the driving system, hang it to on to one of the pushing handles and you have regained manual control over your wheelchair.

The NEW height adjustment allows the motor to be positioned horizontally.


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