PRODUCT LAUNCH!! Explore The New Rubb Hall Structure

Company Rubb Buildings Ltd
Date 21.04.2017

Our new standard prefabricated Rubb Halls have been optimised for a variety of industrial applications. Rubb Halls are flexible, durable, portable, and designed for fast delivery at a competitive price.

Top 10 facts about the Rubb Hall:

  1. Components are prefabricated in our factories, ready for installation anywhere.
  2. Designed to 100kg p/m2 snow loads and 90mph wind speeds.
  3. Long lifetime expectancy of 30+ years.
  4. Extendable, relocatable, movable and liftable.
  5. Hot dip galvanized after production to ensure very low life-cycle costs.
  6. Fast delivery. Giving great flexibility around logistics for our customers.
  7. Fast construction time by the Rubb team or your own labour force.
  8. Structures are ready available to be shipped anywhere in the world.
  9. High quality 100% recyclable materials.
  10. The Rubb Hall range standard structures are available to buy or rent.

Explore the new Rubb Hall structure

Rubb Hall Building Specification


10m Rubb Hall
Span: 10m
Eaves height: 4320mm
Apex height: 6126mm
Snow loading: 100kg p/m2
Wind speed: 90mph
Door opening: 4m x 4m





12m Rubb Hall
Span: 12m
Eaves height: 4320mm
Apex height: 6490mm
Snow loading: 100kg p/m2
Wind speed: 90mph
Door opening: 4m x 4m


Thermohall™ Insulate your Rubb Hall
The Rubb Hall can be ordered in any length with Thermohall™ insulated fabric cladding system , which provides many eco-friendly benefits. Insulation can be supplied in thicknesses from 50mm to 200mm providing different levels of U-Values from 0.67 W/m2k to 0.19 W/m2k. Find out more about our insulated fabric cladding >

Explore the new Rubb Hall structure


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