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Company eyevis GmbH
Date 15.10.2010
In regards to the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi, the administration invested in not only the expansion of the sports facilities, but also the infrastructure.

To accomodate the expected crowds, the Russian government and private investors allocated about two-thirds of the $12 billion budget for infrastructure development.
In order to prepare for the outdoor portion of the competitions, a ski resort in the town of Krasnaya Polana was developed years ago; the indoor events will be held in Sochi.

Part of the transportation infrastructure included constructing a massive tunnel that connects Sochi with the mountainous region of Krasnaya Polyana. The tunnel is called Baranovsky, and with a width of 10.8 meters, a height of 5.2 meters, and a length of more than 4.2 kilometers, it is currently the third largest tunnel in Russia. In 2008 alone, Baranovsky's cost 160 million Euros.
Landslides and unique soil conditions hindered construction, resulting in an average progress of just 100 meters per month in 2009. However, 10 years after it began, the tunnel was successfully completed, allowing Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to officially open the tunnel on December 29th, 2009.

Traffic Safety
In addition to the construction, road safety was also an important investment – over 300 CCTV cameras are used for tunnel monitoring. Of these, only 255 cameras are installed in the tunnel itself, and the rest deliver information from the surrounding environment.
The feeds from all of these signals flow into a brand new, ultra-modern traffic control center where they are desplayed on a large screen alongside numerous computer signals via a split controller. In order to do this, the authorities opted for a large screen system visual solution from eyevis. 36 of eyevis' 46-inch LCDs are installed in an ultra-thin 12 x 3 arrangement.

The following eyevis products have been installed at the tunnel control center in Sochi, Russia:

  • 40 x EYE-LCD-4600-SN
  • 2 x NPX-3820XE-V160-D12-G2.0

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Tunnel Control Sotchi 1
Tunnel Control Sotchi 2
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