Public & Flight Information Display Systems, Passenger Address / Announcement Systems

Company VIAS by LPT-IT
Date 01.07.2015

viasinfopoint is a unit that transforms the content of a display on a monitor into audio announcements which gives blind and visually impaired persons the possibility to get information about departures.

The application is built around a small, embedded Linux Controller that is connected with a loudspeak with a built-in infrared sensor that are able to detect people.

When a person is below the loudspeaker, viasinfopoint starts to read aloud the content of the monitor it is associated with.

A button can be installed near the loudspeaker that makes it possible for the listener to skip the remaining entries he is not interested in.

By combining viasinfopoint and viasIGS just one computer will be needed to run the monitor and loudspeaker system.

viasinfopoint is integrated with the vias DisplayDriver (DD) module. On the basis of the data in the table sent to the monitor, the DD composes a sentence for every departure. This sentence is sent to the viasinfopoint.


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