Queue-Safe Retractable Tape Barriers

Company Queue-Safe Ltd
Date 13.08.2018

RS-A2 Retractable Tape Queue Barrier with Multi way receiver. Our premium quality retractable queue stands represent fantastic value for money and are engineered for the rigors of daily use.

Stainless steel construction with built in brake system. Non scratching base.

Product Safety
Safety is very importance to us.

Braking System
A retractable tape braking system should be one of the main considerations when buying a retractable tape queuing barrier. The retractable tape cassette contains a powerful spring mechanism. When the barriers are disconnected from each other, if no braking system is included, both the tape and the tape end will retract at high speed. This can cause injury to people in the queue. Our RS-A2 Barriers have a patented braking system which prevents this from happening.


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