Recording and Replay systems for Air Traffic Control

Company Ricochet (Jotron AS)
Date 11.02.2010

February 11, 2010

Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies LLC has chosen Ricochet’s redundant recording solution for re-sale to Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Air Force bases. The two systems have the capacity of interfacing and recording synchronously 128 audio channels, ambient microphones, radar screens and CCTV IP-cameras. The operators will be given instant access to important data with hyper speed and accuracy – just with a point and click operation.

As a leading airport systems integrator, Bayanat Airports has been helping its customers in the Gulf region over the past decade with the supply, design, installation and servicing of Air Traffic Control systems, runway systems and terminal systems through its world renowned partners.

“Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Air Forces will benefit from Ricochet’s innovative recording technology”, says Jørn Rød-Larsen, President & CEO, Ricochet. “Efficient replay and perfect synchronization of data will give the operator the total picture at all times.”
For more information, please contact:
Jørn Rød-Larsen, President & CEO, Ricochet AS +47 9949 3000

About Ricochet

Pioneer in the field of software based digital recording systems, Ricochet is a globally oriented player with more than 250 customer installations across the world.  Ricochet is a private limited company located in the middle of Norway’s center for high tech research and design. The company has extensive and worldwide sales-, installation- and service network through partner companies. The company is a technological leader in Unified Recording.
About Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies LLC

Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies, part of Bayanat Engineering Group, is the leading airport systems integration provider, specializing in Air Traffic Control systems, Runway systems and Terminal Systems. Operating in the Arabian Gulf for over 10 years, it has worked in all major airports in the UAE and the new Doha International Airport in Qatar.  Based in Abu Dhabi, it comprises of highly trained engineers and consultants, providing state-of-the-art technologies from leading international companies.


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