Recording and Replay Systems for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Company Ricochet
Date 08.08.2011

The contract is signed with Sloveniacontrol, Slovenian Air Navigation Services Ltd. Leading technology provider, Ricochet AS, will record and replay 19 screens of 2k x 2k resolution and 256 audio sources at the new ATCC in Ljubljana, Slovenia. All recording units at the ATCC and 3 local airports have the possibility to be remotely configured, monitored and administered from a workstation through centralized management.

August 8, 2011
In the new generation Ricochet system, the modular architecture makes it easier than ever to create and maintain a large, distributed system of Ricochet recording units. Any number of autonomous recording units can be integrated using the replay server/manager and administration server/manager architecture. This means that Ricochet’s client application provides system-wide access to replay and administration via one access point. Channels recorded on different recorders are presented seamlessly to the user.

Sloveniacontrol, Slovenian Air Navigation Services Ltd. performs services for ATC, flight data and flight telecommunication. In 2009, the company purchased and implemented Ricochet’s systems for recording and replaying of ground-ground and air-ground communications at several locations in Slovenia.

Sloveniacontrol, Slovenian Air Navigation Services Ltd. currently operates from its ATCC in Ljubljana, but the centre will be moved to a new building location at the airport Joze Pučnik. Screen and audio recording and installations for centralized management are the second phase of the project. When the new ATCC is equipped and ready for operation, there will be a shadow operation of the two centers and the existing ATCC will finally be deactivated.

“We are happy to start this second phase of the Ljubljana ATCC project,” says Mr. Jure Locniskar at Sloveniacontrol Ltd. “Ricochet’s advanced system solution will help controllers to effectively manage air traffic control with a high degree of confidence.”

“Ricochet is setting standards for screen recording and centralized ATC management," says Mr. Oddmund Johansen, President & CEO, Ricochet AS. “We are quite pleased that Sloveniacontrol, Slovenian Air Navigation Services Ltd. has further confirmed the success of Ricochet’s state-of-the-art technology.”

For more information, please contact:
Oddmund Johansen, President & CEO, Ricochet AS +47 9949 3000

About Ricochet AS
Pioneer in the field of software based digital recording and replaying systems, Ricochet is a private limited company and globally oriented player with 350 customer installations across the world. The company is a technological leader in Unified Recording and has an extensive and worldwide sales-, installation- and service network through partner companies.

About Sloveniacontrol, Slovenian Air Navigation Services Limited
Public company Sloveniacontrol, Slovenian Air Navigation Services Limited provides air navigation services as provided by the existing legislation. The main role of Sloveniacontrol is to ensure safe and expeditious air traffic in Slovenian airspace. This includes air traffic management, air traffic control, editing and issuing of publications and collection and publication of relevant information to the whole territory of the Republic of Slovenia and its airspace.

Sloveniacontrol Ltd. provides control of the arriving, departing and en-route traffic in Slovenian airspace from the Area Control Centre in Ljubljana and Aerodrome Control Towers in Brnik, Portoroz, Maribor and Cerklje. The company is located in Ljubljana, but its activity is also performed in the units at international airports. The public company Sloveniacontrol Ltd. went into operation on 1 May 2004.


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