Recording Systems for the Air Traffic Community

Company PALSupport (UK) Limited
Date 17.02.2010

Precision Applications is proud to announce that it has received an order from the Isle of Man Government to manufacture, supply and install a voice and radar recording system in the new Air Traffic Control Tower at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man, Airport.

The new system, which complies in full with the latest ICAO resolutions and the proposed UK CAA CAP 670 regulations for recording surveillance data, will record audio, ‘through the wall’ and ‘off the screen’ radar.  The system comprises fully redundant 48 channel voice recorders, dual channel radar recorders and screen recording for 4 Controller Workplace Positions.

The construction of the new tower will be completed in early 2010 and the recording system will be installed and commissioned in conjunction with NATS (Services) Ltd.  Precision Applications has been NATS (Services) Ltd. preferred supplier for ATC recording systems since 2006.

Precision Applications will be installing similar Veristore Recording Systems at two other major airports in the UK during the first quarter of this year.


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