Refuel International Newsletter - October 2018

Company Refuel International
Date 04.10.2018

RIVIEW, our newsletter is back!

Welcome to 2018 and a revitalised Refuel International newsletter. It has been a little while since we have written about what we have been up to…here is a brief recap of the past 12 months:

We have been busily delivering orders for a number of international customers as well as domestic customers. Refuel International continues to project a bright future as we continue to be the preferred supplier to the major oil companies, into plane operators and defence forces around the APAC and MENA regions.

Internationally we have been extremely busy delivering vehicles and working with our esteemed partners to secure a fair amount of work for them and us to ensure stable business and relations in our target markets.

Our domestic customers include the Australian Defence Force, the major international oil companies and some regional service providers; We hold over 90% of the market share in the ANZ region.

We have also been expanding our capacity to double what we had 2 years ago; at our production facility in Sunshine West (about 15 klms west of the Melbourne CBD). We needed to expand in order to accommodate additional customers who are eager to work with us in order to obtain the quality and compliant vehicles that we produce.

2017 was a very big year for Refuel. During the year we introduced some new faces to the management team and production staff to help manage the increased order book.

Introducing the management team:

General Manager – Geoffrey Pinner
Geoffrey has been a member of the senior management team within the Rivet Group (previously known as McAleese) for the past 5 years; working as a Finance Manager for one of the major companies in the group and now oversees a number of different businesses within the group of companies. He moved into the senior role overseeing Refuel International at the beginning of 2017 and has continually consolidated and refined the business for growth and stability.

Operations Manager – Ben Foster
Ben has been with the business for the past 17 years in various roles and was promoted to the role of Operations Manager in 2016. He is deeply involved with all aspects of the business and is responsible for the engineering and design process, procurement and logistics functions for the company.

Manufacturing Manager – Bradley Adams
Bradley has come across from the steel and automotive industries as a seasoned manufacturing manager with amazing experience from two of Australia’s large manufacturers. He has already introduced and settled in some additional process and ideas which will continue to pay dividends as we grow into the future.

Head of Sales – Matthew Benn
Matthew joined Refuel soon after Bradley and brings with him international business experience, technical understanding from the aviation industry and a wealth of business development experience from a number of high tech industries.

Financial Controller – Vicky Thomson
Vicky joined us in the latter part of 2017 after working with a number of fortune 500 companies. She brings her vibrant nature, experience and skills to our team, overseeing the financial aspects of the business.

In my travels over the past 12 months I have met many interesting people, mostly customers past and present in about 15 of the 43 countries where we have sold our vehicles over the past 30 years of exporting. I do plan to visit you all, however I also have a family and like to see them more often than not; therefore haven’t seen you all yet.

Over this time many of you have expressed surprise that Refuel is the same company as the world renowned manufacturer of aviation refuelling vehicles formerly known as “Liquip International”…We are. There has been various owners and stages at which the company has expanded in new directions. As we continue to forge our path into the future we look at what we have achieved over the past 12 months.

Finally, we are very happy to announce that we have recently received a runners up award from Defence industry Australia for the JP157 project (107 complete vehicles) which we have delivered 12 months ahead of schedule and under budget thus far!

We have been contracted for a further 3 years as the sole manufacturer for AirBP aviation refuelling vehicles for AsiaPAC and a second major oil company who wishes to remain anonymous.

JP-157 program (Refuel is the manufacturer) came runner up at the Essington Lewis, Defence industry Awards night


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