/review: Best practice to keep biometrics moving forward, 5 ways NFC is thinking outside the box and Digital Wallets predictions

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Date 04.09.2019

As the use of biometrics grows, so does the need for a framework that guarantees its ethical and responsible deployment. With no laws in place to specifically govern the application of biometrics, organizations are collaborating around best practices. We look at the guidelines these organizations are creating and ask: what does biometrics best practice really mean?

Meanwhile, the NFC technology market is moving – and moving quickly. In August it was revealed that half the world’s population will be using digital wallets, which largely rely on NFC, by 2024. And while contactless payment is what most people associate with NFC, we explore the other innovative ways it is being used, from diamond tracking to cyclist safety.


Building best practice in biometrics

Biometrics is the most accurate evidence of someone’s identity, but with no biometrics-specific laws in place there is growing concern surrounding the application of the technology. Standards bodies, institutions and organizations are looking at how to create a framework that will drive biometrics forward responsibly, ethically and consistently.

The framework so far

Thinking outside the box: NFC technology

From keeping medical supplies safe during transportation to helping the homeless access identity documents, NFC technology is helping organizations big and small, all over the world, to become more innovative.

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Digital wallet users to reach 4 billion

Consumers’ increasing familiarity with NFC means that half of the world’s population will be using digital wallets by 2024 – and the frequency with which they’re used is on the rise too. In the US alone, per-wallet transactions over the next five years are expected to grow by 90%.

Behind the numbers

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