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Company Gemalto
Date 30.07.2019


July 2019

With Gemalto now part of the Thales group, our technology, expertise and best-in-class talent are helping to create the number one organization in data protection. As security threats constantly change and evolve, we talk with Jason Hart, CTO for our Enterprise & Cyber Security Division, and find out how organizations can take their security measures a step further. As this month saw some high-profile data-breach penalties for British Airways, Marriott International and Equifax, who received fines totaling more than $US360 million, we offer tips on how to respond to a breach.

As the number of drones in the skies hits the millions, we identify the security requirements for creating a safe, operational airspace. And from drones to airplanes, we look at the increasing biometric initiatives transforming the travel experience as tourism numbers grow faster than predicted.

Is your organization quantum-resistant?

With 2018 experiencing the highest number of security breaches yet, Jason Hart, CTO for the Enterprise & Cyber Security Division at Gemalto, a Thales company, explains how organizations can mitigate risk using quantum-resistant algorithms and crypto-agility.

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The internet of skies

By 2020, the number of drones in operation is predicted to reach seven million, so all eyes are on how to create secure, operational skies. One solution is Gemalto Drone Connect, a digital license plate for drones that has already undergone successful trials.


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Transforming travel

International tourism numbers have reached the 1.4 billion mark, two years earlier than expected. From boarding gates to the trialing of fully-integrated biometric paths, airports, hotels and cruise liners are utilizing biometric technology to streamline the travel experience to cater for this passenger increase.

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How to respond to a data breach

Data breaches hitting the headlines are becoming all too familiar in 2019. What should an organization do if they find they’re the subject of a breach and what processes should be in place to ensure it’s dealt with effectively?

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