A Revolution in Friction Testing - The Sarsys Opel Friction Tester SOFT

The Sarsys Opel Friction Tester (SOFT), is a CFME built into the Opel Mokka, it is a compact friction measuring device with all functions that are required. It is primarily designed for friction measuring on airport runways and taxiways, but can also be used for measuring on highways, public roads and other areas where the friction need to be measured.

The SOFT is programmed to measure in accordance with regulations issued by authorities such as the ICAO and FAA and is designed for both operational and maintenance measuring.

The Opel Mokka SUV is avalible in various models such as the Buick Encore, Vauxhall Mokka, Chevrolet Trax and Holden Trax to suit all countries and continents around the world. All models are front-wheel driven offering excellent manoeuvrability in combination with a good weight class for speed and acceleration and working environment for the operator. The visibility and comfort for the operator is a important factor.

The compact space of the unit provides unimpeded access to the measuring system, making service and maintenance work easy and comfortable. The compact design of the SOFT unit give a stability for the operator and good flexibility to operate the unit as hands on with full focus on the task.

An important guideline for the design of the SOFT has been to make full use of the prime advantage of self-contained configuration: Speed and smoothness in operation. The experience and know-how from users around the world has be taken in full view to find the next generation of CFME. By listing to the request and ideas the SOFT has been created to meet the future needs.

The entire measuring system is contained within the car with unchanged driving qualities by using the original rear axle and the original interior and exterior of the Opel as much as possible.

In the operational situation, the vehicle is immediately available for a measuring run and a runway friction report is also available to airport operations or to traffic control within just a few seconds after the end of the run.

By using a touch screen hardware as a measuring computer based on a rugged laptop or rugged pad, the operator can view real-time data on the screen and operate various software directly in the unit and send the information to ATC or other control as designated by the airport of aviation control management system.

For measuring on wet runways, stipulated for maintenance measuring, the SOFT is available with a water system. Its water tank has a volume of 500 liters, sufficient for 6500-8000 meters of runway with a 1 mm water layer.

The measuring wheel is mounted on the single transmission arm is a standardized measuring tyre, as stipulated by ASTM and ICAO for the different types of measuring with a CFME unit.


  • Environmental friendly engine options to meet standards on airports
  • Low consumptions and good acceleration when measuring
  • High seated for excellent visible view during measuring Modern technology and operational efficiency
  • Original Opel rearaxle
  • Excellent ergonomics, fingertip control Outstanding manœuvrability
  • Total operator comfort
  • Easy service and maintenance Windows based measuring computer


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