Rezcomm - 5 Tips for Selling Flights & Holidays in Peak Times

Company Rezcomm
Date 19.01.2017

The travel industry is a firmly established online market, with two well-documented peak times each year. The winter Holiday season is now over and customers are already looking towards their summer getaway.

According to market predictions from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) early bookings already appear strong for summer 2017 with industry figures showing reservations tracking 11% above 2016. Market-wise, there is more potential than ever in the millennial generation (those born 1980 to 1996). For this group happiness is not centred around material possessions, but in driving an economy focused on experiences. This is reflected in the trend towards unusual destinations. According to ABTA, 26% of travellers are very likely to visit a country they have never been to before in 2017 compared with 18% last year.

For families, strict school attendance regulations in recent years means it’s no longer easy to cut costs by travelling outs…

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