Rezcomm - How to create new revenue with insightful digital services

Company Rezcomm
Date 23.06.2016

With airports finding it increasingly difficult to make money through traditional aeronautical streams such as landing fees there’s a challenge to find new sources of revenue.

Before the revolution of e-commerce and smart mobile devices the solutions may have been difficult, with relatively little insight available into the minds of different demographics and no technologies in place to automate services which otherwise may be too costly.

However, in an always on and always connected digital world there are now many ways to not only generate significant revenues from ancillary services but to improve the passenger experience as well.

Digital services and CRM

Although a passenger may switch between desktop and mobile computers throughout the course of their journey, from initial considerations to email marketing campaigns sent on their return, mobile connectivity creates a seamless experience. This journey can now be tracked and adds a powerful new dimensi…

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