Rubber & Paint Removal, Friction Testing Systems

Company SMETS-Technology GmbH
Date 01.08.2011


The German company SMETS-Technology GmbH designed and built this high performance vehicle for professional runway and surface cleaning.

The rubber deposits on the runway are removed and entirely withdrawn by suction. On the vehicle, all essential components are hydraulically driven. The required power is taken by two sources: First, via the direct auxiliary drive system and second, via a gear, which is built into the drive shaft, with a hydrostatic drive.

The 1,000 mm Ø (optional 1,500 mm Ø) surface cleaner, which is located between the first and the second axle, can be lifted up and swiveled back into the chassis within three seconds. In case of an emergency, the vehicle can be driven off the runway within 10 seconds.

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