Runway Maintenance/Cleaning/Rubber & Paint Marking Removal/Surface Retexturing

Company Blastrac
Date 08.05.2013

The Blastrac 2-48DS shot blaster is the newest shot blaster designed and manufactured by Blastrac. It is ideal for heavy duty work with its 2 powerful blast motors and can be used on different surfaces like steel, concrete, stone and asphalt. The 2-48DS shot blaster comes with different options and accessories.

This powerful machine is ideal for big jobsites such as airport maintenance, asphalt cleaning, surface preparation before coating… and can treat a surface of up to 2000 m2 per hour on asphalt and concrete surfaces when used with the 2-48DC dust collector. In addition, it is virtually dust-free and environmentally friendly, thanks to the powerful 2-48DC dust collection system.

The Blastrac 2-48DC is especially designed to connect with the 2-48DS shot blaster and to be used on concrete and asphalt surfaces. The 2-48DC is a heavy duty and extremely powerful dust collection system with one easy and quick to
replace big bag system, holding 385 liters.

Due to the limited height and drive system this dust collector is very easy to maneuver and can access small and limited spaces like a multi-story car park.

Recently, one of our customers used the 2-48DS shot blaster combined with the 2-48DC dust collector on a 25.000 m2 car park.

 Equipment details:

  • Shot blasting unit : 2-48DS
  • Dust collector: 2-48DC
  • Suction hose length: 25 meters

 Technical installation:

  • Surface: Concrete
  • Surface area: 25.000 m2
  • Jobsite: Surface preparation before coating
  • Passes: 100% in a single pass Abrasive mix: S460 steel shot

They needed to prepare the surface before the application of coating. The key reason why our customer chose the 2-48DS is that this system is cost effective and it’s a mechanical and recyclable process and therefore very environmentally friendly.

That’s why it was the perfect surface preparation solution for the multi- story car parking project.


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