Safe working at a distance via IP

Company IHSE GmbH
Date 05.05.2020

Many industries and services have to continue to operate effectively during the pandemic even with reduced staffing levels and with social distancing measures making it harder for colleagues to cooperate closely with each other.


It is much more difficult for medical staff to reach important computers and essential medical devices. The constant need to disinfect and clean contaminated areas also reduces access to devices.

Essential utilities

Electricity, transport, water and gas are normally managed from centralized control rooms. In the current situation, these might be short-staffed or the control room itself might be compromised in the event of colleagues falling ill which would require the room to be deep cleansed.

Important services

Broadcasting, air traffic management and general commercial and industrial organizations also have to continue to operate, sometimes with reduced staff.

All these activities highlight the desperate need to provide a highly secure, totally reliable and effective connection between remote workers and their computer systems upon which so many mission-critical services rely.

SIRA – a complete solution

One of the most effective, secure and reliable ways to make these connections is through KVM interconnection over an IP-network. IHSE’s IP module SIRA (Draco vario Secure IP Remote Access Gateway) provides that solution.

SIRA is quick and easy to implement and completely overcomes the complexity and security issues associated with virtual systems.


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