Company Softech
Date 05.12.2018

SOFTECH launches a new product to display all the information managed by the SARA environmental monitoring system.

Environmental noise is often at the center of political and non-political debates, due to the harmful effects it causes to human health; its definition in the European reference directive 2002/49 also includes airport noise, a sector in which Softech has been operating for over 20 years with the SARA system and all the related specialist services.

The same legislation determines a series of compliances to be observed, including inform people about carried out activities and achieved results with environmental monitoring systems, to carry out a proper management of the polluting source.

In adapting its flagship product in the field of environmental monitoring to the dictates of the aforementioned legislation, Softech has developed a new graphic interface for SARA: the PUBLIC VIEWER.

This upgrade allows to meet the needs of the airport management companies which have to manage noise with the maximum transparency, in order to improve the relationship with the host communities; for this reason, they need a monitoring system able to disclose the success obtained in the environmental area.

At the same time, the Public Viewer also satisfied the need for information of a citizens increasingly aware of their rights in the field of health and welfare.

Provided for the first time to Vilnius International Airport, SARA Public Viewer is a graphic interface accessible via web, with innovative and eye-catching style, thanks to which is possible to show on a map the flight information, noise and weather data, both in historical and real-time mode.

The interface provides a view both in 2D and 3D and it is accessible from airport web site or environmental totem.

It is extremely user-friendly and compatible with the most popular web browsers.

Public Viewer is the result of the joint work of our forecasters with some of our main users and it is proof of how much our company wants to keep up with the times; we can anticipate and solve our customer’s needs.


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